Recycling Saint Augustine History Into Tropical Art

The Art

Tropical art on reclaimed materials throughout Saint Augustine
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Paint Pirate art features many landmarks and destinations throughout North Florida to adorn your home

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Other paintings interpret the landscape throughout the region from the beach to the interior swamp.

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Wall Hanging

Many pieces consist of multi media compositions creating a layered texture for your wall art.

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The Paint Pirate also reconditions and converts saved items into functional one of a kind furniture.

What's Going On

Our Conservation Concept
Waste Not Want Not

Our materials come from recycled wood and other historical treasures from Saint Augustine and North Florida. Canvases are up-cycled through a variety of techniques creating a blank canvas, opening the texture which tells the paintings story. The canvas tells the story through grain and texture, art evolves - the wood and weathering leads the brush to the image.

All art is available - some at The Handcrafted Life on Anastasia Boulevard or online.

Recent Projects

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